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  1. Sorry to ask such an obvious question.  I can't seem to locate the design library.  I have followed the prompts on downloading monthly designs, etc. but can't find my way into the library.

  2. I have a real stupid question but I have to ask it anyway.  Basically we have 2 ways to creating or defining a satin stitch. Then with the tools we can create different kinds.  My questions is we are using a program here so we can toss out the embroidery rules and instructions and do something different.   Why can’t I just creat a path or just use the line tool.  Then when we are done just fill in a few boxes. 1 how wide.  2 what are the corner  3 sharp or contoured or what ever else you want and then click the bottom and have the processor go in and do all that clicking that we waist so much time doing defining a satin stitch.    Then we can apply all the other types once it’s been defined. Thanks keep,up the good work.

  3. DJ, thanks for the Font book. I had not seen it. Great program, and you and the rest of the team do an outstanding job in making the program easier to use.

  4. DJ, I had attended a class that you were teaching and during that class you told a story of how you saved a very badly puckered design. I have that problem now and cannot remember what you said you did to fix it. Can you tell me how to fix it? The design is on a port authority easy care cotton blend.

  5.  I'm trying to do a left front shirt design for a school. I have a wildcat design and I need to put the school name over it. How do I make that on a gentle arch, not just straight. I'm doing this in Total Control U.




    1. KateesKloset


      Patty, you  need to post this in the FTCU forum.  Not as a "report".  No one will see it here.

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