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  3. I am trying to place lettering within a circle on an embroidery pattern in which I am working on.  I can place lettering and change it to a circle but I can not make it fit within the circle.


  4. Problem in FTCU Monthly pdfs

    I noticed a problem in the monthly pdfs in February, March, April & May 2021 showing the same pumpkin in the monthly free designs. I am not sure how long this has been happening but some of the older pdfs were okay.

    Same Pumpkin

    The following 6 months show the same pumpkin and not the pumpkins that are in the free monthly designs file for

    these month.

    Sept 2010, Nov 2010, Oct 2014, Oct 2016, Nov 2016, Nov 2019.

  5. I use FTC-U for most digitizing, but I use Embird to convert pch to pes.  Then I can use FTC to get a waf from the pes.

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