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  3. I use FTC-U for most digitizing, but I use Embird to convert pch to pes.  Then I can use FTC to get a waf from the pes.

  4. Hi, Debbi.  You could also find a true type font that is similar to the effect that you are looking for and use the text tool in the FTC-U.  Do you have the full program, or just the Lettering Master as a stand alone?  I'm happy to walk you thru it if you find a font that is what you are looking for. 

    Hope that helps.



    1. DebbiManders


      I have FTC-U with the Lettering add-on. Please walk me through it. Would love to learn how to manipulate the letters.



    2. Clozmkr


      Hi, Debbi.  Let me get my computer (with FTCU) near me and we can go from there.  in the meantime, go online (daFonts, 1001 Fonts, etc. - type in "free True Type Fonts" in google and there are several places to get free fonts).  When you find one (or two!) that you like, download them and install them.  Some might even be called something similar to 'star wars' or close.  There are truly 100's of them, so have fun looking and I'll get back with you here soon.  

      As an aside, I have used some of the 'wingdings' and other fonts that are characters and not letters to add to the custom shapes.  There's a lot you can do with them!

      Talk to you soon!





  5. I can't seem to get the Property Bar on the right side to fully open. From time to time I get the the last two options but that happens rarely. I have tried checking and unchecking the toolbar option and clicking on Properties on the right side of the mouse.

    What can I do to get it appear all the time?

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