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My color selection and thread colors won;'t light up so I can use them. Have I done something to turn them off?
Aug 11 2016 06:32 PM
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How can I flatten material around a Monogram or letters. For example how can I flatten towel loops a small distance from letters to make the letters stand out more?
Jul 16 2016 02:47 PM
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I get a Runtime Error message when I open My Design Album. I have it loaded on a new computer with Windows 10, originally it was on an olderr computer with Windows 7. What can I do?
Jul 08 2016 08:24 AM
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    I get an error message when trying to open my design it says side by side configuration is wrong I turned off the firewall before installing but still gives me the error message
    Jul 30 2016 10:49 PM
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Does Floriani software have knockdown stitches capabilities?
Jun 22 2016 08:47 PM
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How do you turn and image into applique?
Jun 21 2016 07:16 PM
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    You have the Florini Total Control U? It is going to depend on the quality of your image. If you have a vector or high quality image you can bring in as load backdrop and use the magic wand to outline the image in artwork. If you have a bad image then you can trace using the artwork line. Then choose the one click wonder of applique. This is the short version.
    Jul 05 2016 06:55 PM
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change password
Jun 12 2016 07:22 AM
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How can I off set a motif pattern in a fill?
Jun 08 2016 09:46 AM
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    Where did Text Design go?
    Aug 05 2016 11:25 AM
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May 24 2016 06:14 PM
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Apr 28 2016 01:07 AM
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Apr 28 2016 01:07 AM