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  3. where do I find the video for splitting a design for the brother's 10 thread machine

  4. DJ, thanks for the Font book. I had not seen it. Great program, and you and the rest of the team do an outstanding job in making the program easier to use.

  5. DJ, I had attended a class that you were teaching and during that class you told a story of how you saved a very badly puckered design. I have that problem now and cannot remember what you said you did to fix it. Can you tell me how to fix it? The design is on a port authority easy care cotton blend.

  6.  I'm trying to do a left front shirt design for a school. I have a wildcat design and I need to put the school name over it. How do I make that on a gentle arch, not just straight. I'm doing this in Total Control U.




    1. KateesKloset


      Patty, you  need to post this in the FTCU forum.  Not as a "report".  No one will see it here.

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